International Interdependence Hexagon Project Invite

International Interdependence Hexagon Project
Is it the time to support the development of skills needed for a Global Civil Society??
Should it start with us?
Allow your students to think inside, outside and around the Hexagon, a metaphor for our interconnectedness…
Participate in the International Interdependence Hexagon
Project – create in any media inside a downloadable interlinking hexagon template[s]!

Deadline: June 30, 2011

Exhibit: Opens September 2, 2011

For: Jr. High, Middle School and High School Students
Download the hexagonal template, download PowerPoints, examples of
student work, handouts for motivation and readings from the Interdependence
Handbook – all available on-line on the Interdependence Website:

Click on Hexagon
Project for all materials, guidelines, etc.

Please plan soon to engage your students in real-world and issues – allow them to create individually or collaboratively – as in “Interdependence.” Allow them to choose, research and respond to the many themes about their interconnectedness: global and local – such as social justice, women’s and children’s rights, ecology and environment, poverty, civil society and democracy.

[also see March 2009 School Arts Magazine article on pp.38-39 and August 2011 Issue “Hexagons from the Heart”]

Project specifically designed for response from students age 10 to 18 [Jr.
High, Middle School, High School]

Please use ON-LINE Registration if at all possible.
Deadline for this international project, in its 5th year, is June 30, 2011.
Your students’ hexagons will be exhibited in September in Scranton, PA, with a festive opening on Friday, September 2, 2011 and a recognition event on September 11 at the Art Works Gallery in Scranton, PA.
Recognition is given to students who demonstrate outstanding responses to the
themes of Interdependence in a variety of media. Please feel free to contact,
Beth Burkhauser,
Hexagon Project Chair, at with any questions.
Thank you!

P.S. Please share this invitation with colleagues.


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