Abington Journal August 24, 2011 Hexagon Project

Hexagon celebrates Five Years

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In photo, left to right: Beth Brukahuser, Hexagon Project Chair; Sarrah Dibble, Hexagon Project co-chair and art teacher at Blue Ridge Intermediate School; Judges: Robin Phillips, art teacher, Mt. View Elementary School; Kathy Corkill, art teacher, retiree, Abington Heights High School.

The Hexagon Project will celebrate its fifth year with their opening on Sept, 2 at ArtsWorks Art Gallery 503 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton starting at 6 p.m.

The Interdependence Day Hexagon Project showcases hexagons created by junior high and high school students both regional and worldwide, for its celebration in September.

Students are asked to address issues of social justice, human rights, civil society, democracy, freedom of speech and religious worship, women’s children’s rights and he environment through research, dialog and the arts process in any medium.

The goals of the project are to communicate a unifying theme about Interdependence through the production of art that reflects skill in various media, processes and techniques and exhibit these works in a public forum, to demonstrate interdependence by working collaboratively through art-making and theater activities during a public exhibition opening in order to concretize the spirit of interdependence for attendees, to demonstrate in an international forum that young people are aware of and can respond to the issues and concepts surrounding interdependence through artistic expression by the creation of virtual gallery and blogspot on the Interdependence Day website.

The Interdependence Hexagon Chair and Committee members are: Beth Burkhauser, Chairperson and Co-Chairs, George Barbolish, Mountain View High School, Sarrah Dibble, Blue Ridge High School, Dan Demora , Lackawanna Trail High School and Annette Palutis, retired Scranton

Read more: http://www.timesleader.com/AbingtonJournal/aande/Hexagon-celebrates-Five-Years.html?searchterm=hexagon+project#ixzz1WOQnRrbx


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