Hexagon Project 2012 Underway

Hexagon Project
Interdependence Day 2012

Michael S. Taluto
(570) 357-3843

Hexagon Project 2012 Underway

Scranton, PA –The Greater Scranton Interdependence Day Committee announces the 2012 Hexagon Project VI. The Hexagon Project is a International Arts Project for students ages 10-18 who are in junior high, middle school and high school. Community groups are also welcome to join.

The Project can be summed up simply: A Small Shape with Big Ideas!

The students use the shape of a hexagon – or multiple hexagons – in any medium, including digital, to respond creatively to the many themes of Interdependence and become part of an international movement to create a more civil, peace-minded and just world. The hexagon is a metaphor for our interconnectedness. Over 2000 hexagons have been submitted over five years!

Participants can download the hexagonal template, a power point presentation, examples of student work, handouts for motivation and readings from the Interdependence Handbook which are all available on-line at the Interdependence website at www.interdependencedaynepa.org. Check the hexagon section.

Beth Burkhauser, chairperson for the project, reports that the themes for the project invites students and teachers to think of ways you are interdependent and how you can take action through art by addressing issues of social justice, women’s and children’s rights, personal identity and connectedness, ecology and environment, poverty, civil society and democracy. According to Burkhauser, a new category challenge for 2012 is collaboration ( optional).

The challenge to students and teachers is to think of how to approach the project with an element of collaboration, teamwork, group interaction and or problem-solving; i.e., “interdependent thinking, problem-solving and/or making.”

Recognition is given to students who demonstrate outstanding response to the themes of Interdependence in a variety of media in September.
Deadline for the 2012 Hexagon Project is June 30, 2012. Registration, release forms and templates can be found on the website. The project has received entries from all over the world including Canada, Nepal and other counties included the Untied States. The project have been feature in national school art magazines.

The 2012 exhibit will open on First Friday, September 7, in Scranton PA at the Vintage Theatre, Penn Avenue, with a special student recognition event on Sunday, September 16.

Beth Burkhauser and George Barbolish co-chairman for the Hexagon Project, will make a presentation about the Hexagon Project at the National Art Education Association in New York City this March. Burkhauser will make a presentation at International Society for Education Through Art in Indianapolis, Indiana in June.

Please Check the Hexagon Project at: www.interdependencedaynepa.org

Participants are invited to create a global conversation by visiting the Hexagon Blog at http://thehexagonprojectblog.weebly.com/ This site is a gallery of student art work, with written responses, concerning the global issue of Interdependence. The work represented is part of The International Interdependence Hexagon Project and Interdependence Day: http://www.interdependencedaynepa.org – a world-wide visual celebration of explorations by young people, ages 10 – 18, about their rights, issues, dreams, responsibilities and possibilities in a post 9/11 world – an increasingly smaller and more interdependent world – which they will soon inherit.

Hexagons are meant to CONNECT! Here is a way to CONNECT and help save lives in Haiti Go to OneBigBoost, [www.onebigboost.org] click Cholera for more explanation.
Beth Burkhauser, Chair, International Interdependence Hexagon Project
Please also check out the Hexagon Project on Face book at http://www.facebook.com/groups/95731738474/
Check it out the Hexagon at the wordpress:
Please follow The Hexagon Project on Twitter at https://twitter.com/hexagonproject5


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