5th Grade Hexagon Unit Brief, Columbus, OH.

5th Grade Hexagon Unit

5th Grade Hexagon Unit Brief
The 2012 Interdependence Hexagon Project VI

1. Small sketches
2. Large sketch
3. Final hexagon

Learning Objectives
1. Understand how hexagons can be used as a metaphor for how people are individuals, but stronger when they work together than alone
2. Understand The Golden Rule and its practical application

Discussion Notes: Which concepts need reinforcement?
Artwork: Does the hexagon demonstrate understanding of The Golden Rule?
Artist Statement: What is The Golden Rule and how does your artwork relate to it?
What else can I do to maximize student learning?

Visual Art Academic Content Standards
Valuing the Arts/Aesthetic Reflection
Benchmark A: Demonstrate aesthetic inquiry and reflection skills when participating in discussions about the nature and value of art.
1. Pose questions that can be answered by an aesthetic study of artworks.

Creative Expression and Communication
Benchmark C: Achieve artistic purpose and communicate intent by selection and use of appropriate media.
4. Apply problem-solving strategies to improve the creation of artwork.
Benchmark E: Identify and explain reasons to support artistic decisions in the creation of artwork
6. Identify reasons for personal, artistic decisions.

Connections, Relationships, and Applications
Benchmark C: Use key concepts, issues and themes to connect visual art to various content areas.
3. Use artwork to communicate and enhance understanding of concepts in other subject areas
(e.g., science, English language arts, mathematics and social studies).

Students brain stormed where hexagons exist and examples of hexagons were provided. Students questioned why natural structures such as honeycombs and turtle shells are hexagonal. They created their own hexagonal webs by using straws to blow bubbles in plastic bags. They hypothesized and discovered the strength of hexagons.

The final hexagons were displayed in the school library and assigned a number for voting. Teachers and fifth graders voted on their two favorite hexagons. The twenty hexagons with the most votes will be sent to Pennsylvania for The 2012 Interdependence Hexagon Project VI. Five are guaranteed to be displayed with hexagons made by 5th-12th grade students from all over the world.


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