People Hexagon Project

People’s Interdependence Hexagon Project

“Show Your Interconnectedness: make a Visual Art Declaration of Interdependence!”

Draw, paint collage, sculpt : How you are connected to family, friends, community, country, the world working inside of a hexagonal template or templates (more that one-or working in collaboration with more than one person)

The People Interdependence Hexagon Art Exhibit

Please enter to win recognition for your efforts-any art medium-using the Hexagonal template. Deadline: August 24, 2012. In time for Interdependence Day Celebrations throughout Northeastern PA. Show opens on First Friday, September 7, 2012


A. Ages 0-5

B. 5-10

C. 10-18

D. 18-100

The goals of Interdependence are, by nature interdisciplinary. They require everyone to connect outside of their social, economic, political, artistic and academic “boxes” and interact in a different spirit-one that is more collabrative and creative.

It is those who can think creatively and solve problems who will be most valued as the world confronts the dilemmas of inequality, injustice, unsustainable environmental conditions, improving health care, global governanace and democracy and religious freedom.


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