Expand Your World- Hexagon Box Project


What is the Hexagon Project?

Check out this website- http://interdependencedaynepa.org/hexagon.html

Respond creatively to the many themes of global interdependence-real-world issues-and become a part of an international movement to create a more civil, peace-minded and just world.  This project is a meaningful vehicle for allowing young people to think and respond about issues of personal and global importance.

Lesson-Create an Exploding Hexagon Box using Photoshop and a simple three layer grid template.  The theme for this assignment is the Hexagon Project as described above.  You are to design a box incorporating three distinct layers, each with a different theme.

Layer 1-All about me!  You can include images of you, your friends, your hobbies, family, etc.

Layer 2-Issues you are concerned about, worldwide or local.

Layer 3-What can I do to make a change-Images that represent what you can do to make a change for the better.

Collect photos or images from home that you would like to incorporate in this project and bring them in after the Easter break. 







One thought on “Expand Your World- Hexagon Box Project

  1. So happy to have Christina’s Unit to share! It tells you that it’s to be used for Photoshop and digital images – but the concept can also become collage or other medium – so take a look and see what you might like to do with it!

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