Hexagon Project Exhibit VII Opens in Two Locations

 Hexagon Project Exhibit VII Opens in Two Locations


Scranton, PA — The Seven Annual Interdependence Day Hexagon Exhibit will open on First Friday, September 6, 2013 at 6 p.m. at The Connell Gallery and the Library Express in down town Scranton.

The Hexagon project exhibit features visual art in all media by students ages 9- 18 from around the world. Its purpose is to showcase the power and strength of youthful vision. Interlinking hexagons creatively demonstrate both understanding of interdependence and how art can lead to issues-based global activism.

Opening night programs will include: Hexagon making hands on express yourself and have global impact.  Refreshments and live music includes: Jason Smeltzer, Jullian Saparacino and the Interdependent Theremin Experiment at the Connell Gallery 125 N Washington Avenue, Scranton.

The second People’s Hexagon Exhibit will take place at the Library Express at the Steamtown Mall, Scranton.   The People’s Hexagon Exhibit consist of hexagons created by the general public and local artists.

This years exhibit will include hexagons recreated by local schools children from  Northeastern, PA and a group from Chicago which held there own exhibit in April of this year with 1000 hexagons..  There will also again be hexagons from Nepal and other counties throughout Europe.

The student Recognition Event will take place on Sunday, September 15 at the Connell Gallery from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.  All exhibiting students, family and friends are invited.  A  award presentation will take place.  Community Partnership Award will be given to “Do Your P’Art Foundation, Chicago, IL 1000 Hexagon strong.

A new website is planned to kick off the Hexagon 8 project.

IMG_0843Hannah Radkiewicz IMG_0852Kayla LaFerriere IMG_0859Emily Ortiz-Contrast IMG_0867 IMG_0868

Photos:  Samples of the Hexagon’s that will be part of the Exhibit VII which includes clay entries from Emily Ortiz, Kayla LaFerriere and Hannah Radkiewicz


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