2014 Interdependence Hexagon Project VII Prospectus

The 2014 Interdependence Hexagon Project VIII Prospectus

Connect your students to real-world issues and participate in an international celebration!


  A composition of complex

relationships, interdependent lines, like bonds of human connection.

Maintains its own presence as a shape, symbol of light and life.

 Destined to be part of a whole – a splendid architectural element,

 forever expandable.

 Multiples attach and strengthen one another to become an infinite network of connections.


 Interprets and articulates.

Makes vivid and comprehensible the complexities of our world

through symbols- shapes, words, music, dance, theater.

 Creates compositions that speak the ineffable.

Provides new

insights into everyday realities.


makes conclusions, takes a stand, must come to terms with content and materials, sometimes collaborates…. can change the world [?].



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