The 2014 Interdependence Hexagon Project VIII Prospectus Part 3 Resourceas

IV. Resources:

1.  PurchaseThe Interdependence Handbook: Looking Back, Living the Present, Choosing the Future (Paperback)

by Sondra Myers (Editor), Benjamin R. Barber (Editor)  available from Amazon for under $12.00.

[Note:The entire Interdependence Handbook is available in pdf form at www. Utilize selected readings from The Interdependence Handbook as motivation.

2.  Exquisite Corpse website – learn about the history of this visual practice and then creatively reinvent the “Exquisite Corpse” using hexagons and use the concept as a collaborative collective consciousness statement!] Go to: or School Arts March 2011 Online “Picture Consequences by Nancy Walk-up.

3.        Utilize Scholastics Magazine, School Arts, Arts and Activities Art Education, Kappan Magazines and adapt lessons about social responsibility to the hexagon format. Note:  the March 2009 and Aug-Sept 2010  and Aug – Sept 2013 issues  of School Arts Magazine contain articles about the Hexagon Project.

4.       View the Art 21 PBS series for motivational experiences

5.        Encourage students to choose a theme and research it using web resources such as:

360°:  Educational resource based on the judicial system

 Good Guide:  Resource that tells you how products impact on the environment, as well as  impact on the health and society of the people who are impacted by the product’s use.  Skin Deep:  Same as GoodGuide, except centralized around beauty products.

Art2.0 – a center for collaboration in art education.


6. The Hexagon Project at
Log in username:       Password: cardinal
Click on Edit    Click on the link where you would like to add media or reflections

7.  Lessons and complete Unit Plans are also on our website – excellent resources for your launching this Project!! Also PowerPoints.

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