The 2014 Interdependence Hexagon Project VIII Prospectus Parts 4 and 5


In 2012 we added a category challengeCollaboration.  [It is optional and individually created hexagons are always welcome.]

In keeping with the concept of Interdependence – understanding and practicing skills that lead to solutions, statements, understanding and outcomes that are greater than any one individual can produce –

…we challenge students and teachers to think of ways they might approach the project with an element of collaboration, teamwork, group interaction and/or problem-solving.

Collaboration can be achieved in a multitude of ways – from more than one person working on one hexagon, to multiple hexagons making one statement – to collaboration between and among students from other classes or disciplines, across town, through the internet and/or across the world!  Hexagons might also demonstrate evidence of a social justice/or service project taken on by a team of students.  The hexagons might BE a project that benefits others and connects students in important ways to their world or the world at large.  Any and all ideas are open to exploration!

We will give special recognition to schools that emphasize collaboration in the spirit of Interdependence!

 V. Project Guidelines

 A.   Media: Any art form [drawing, painting, collage, prints, digital and relief sculpture] in a variety of media  is acceptable as long as it can be displayed on a plasterboard gallery wall and, for 3-D e.g., artist’s book  or 3 – D pieces,  displayed on a pedestal or floor. Work should have mechanisms installed for hanging and include instructions, if necessary.  Indicate “Top” and include diagram or photograph of installation if several pieces are to be hung in a particular formation. Note:  The template should be traced onto and cut from a firm support such as poster or tagboard, illustration board or foam-core, etc

B.   Size of Hexagon: must be approximate size of print-out in attached file [see resource section for template] but one work may contain more that one hexagon..

 C.  Entry Form  – attached to back of work- and

D.  Release Form  – can be included separately within your entry package.   NOTE: Online registration!  Please check the website for the forms and Links!!! It would help us greatly if you intend to participate – e-mail us [] so we can update you personally!  Thank you!

E.    Timeline: The project must be completed by the end of the academic year  2014. Entries will be accepted any time between May1, 2014 and June 30, 2014 – the earlier the better. Deadline: Work that arrives after June30, 2014 may not be accepted!  Email if problems.

 F.    Number of entries: Each teacher may submit up to 20 entries. Individual or collaborative works may be made up of singular or multiple hexagons and still be considered a single entry. Each school will be guaranteed that a minimum of 5 pieces will be hung due to size of response and participation and space limitations. We want to hang everything if at all possible!! Let us know if you want/need to make special arrangements.

G.   Jurying: Quality over quantity is paramount.  Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

·        Visual impact

·         Creativity and

·        Appropriate content related to themes of Interdependence.

It is suggested that each teacher submit work that strongly reflects these criteria.  The exhibit committee reserves the right to exhibit up to five, or more , or all of the entries from each school. At least five entries from each school will be shown. We will strive to hang ALL work – even if thousands!!!

 H.  Mailing:  Paper or cardboard flat work can be mailed in standard manila envelopes reinforced with cardboard. If you desire to have the work returned by mail, you MUST enclose return postage and a return label for the correct amount from Scranton to your address!! Any relief work, thick or fragile work must be packaged/boxed appropriately to insure against breakage.  The Interdependence Hexagon Project Committee will do what is reasonable to protect the work from damage or theft. The committee is neither responsible for the work nor will it carry insurance on the work in transit or while on display. Mail entries by June 30 to either

 Beth Burkhauser

Interdependence Hexagon Project

815 Clay Avenue

Scranton, PA 18510-1129

[570 342-1228  or 570 877-1653]

Note: Entries may also be dropped off this locations.  Please call first.

 H.  Awards:  Although we feel that a project such as this should be intrinsically rewarding, monetary awards or gift certificates will be given in several categories including  Individual Work and Collaborative Work.  Modest cash awards and certificates of recognition also will be presented or mailed.  Art work will be posted on the website and linked to Facebook and other social networks. 

SPONSORS :  Dick Blick, Amaco-Brent

I.  Where will the exhibit be held?  Exhibit will open on Friday, September 5, 2014 at  a location  in Northeastern PA to be announced –

J. Return of Work: Work can be picked up at the end of the exhibit [date/location to be announced Scranton, PA 18503 Phone: 570 570 342-1228 (leave message) or the Committee will mail back your entries ONLY if proper return postage and an address label have been included.  Otherwise, arrangements must be made with contact persons.

K.  Contact information:  any questions or concerns about the project can be addressed to the following persons: 

Beth Burkhauser,  [570-342-1228]

Updates onWebsite:

Under construction:


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